Giving back

Charity Flying

As a pilot, you are blessed with the valuable resource of time travel. Even the slowest airplanes can reduce travel time considerably over terrestrial transportation.  Ironically, a necessary evil in a pilots career is time building to gain experience. Additionally all pilots are required to maintain proficiency which can only be accomplished by flying. This means pilots do a lot of aimless traveling for the sole purpose of time building and maintaining proficiency.

That being said, imagine how awesome it would be, to share your flight with someone in need, instead of just flying aimlessly to build time.

There are many non-profit organizations that provide free air transportation and humanitarian aid to people in need. They accomplish this by utilizing a network of volunteer pilots that donate their time and aircraft to provide this service. With proper planning, pilots incorporate their flight plans, with the medical travel needs of others. 

By joining one of these organizations; You will get to fly,  build time, and help someone get their necessary treatment. Everyone wins!!!

Once signed up, whenever you're planning on flying somewhere, take a look at the mission request boards and try to incorporate a mission into your itinerary. You can also do it the other way around; which is to choose a random mission and make that mission your itinerary. That way you get to explore new places and meet new people. But no matter how you do it, you will definitely find it to be a very rewarding experience.

How do I get started, you ask? Well that's simple, I'll provide some links below.

Just click on the links and sign up.

Keep in mind that some organizations require a certain amount of hours, experience, ratings etc. However, if you do not qualify to fly passengers as PIC yet, don't be discouraged, there are many options available, including assisting as a copilot. Also look into pet rescue organizations that require less experience. Either way you're accomplishing your goals while helping others.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I'll be glad to help.

Blessings, and blue skies,

Captain Rick